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On 3rd, April 2017, Greetings & Gifts ceremony of the ASEAN Women's Circle of Cambodia to students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism of HHC in Aknovat secondary school, Kandal province, has received strong support ...

On 23rd, February 2017, Presided over by H.E Dr. Mong Reththy, 3rd Chairperson of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia, visited the children with Intellectual Disability and Autism of HHC, and also with theirs parents at Takmao City, Kandal Province. ...

On 22nd, February 2017, Prosided over by H.E. Dr. Nath Bunroeun, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports visited the children with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism of HHC at Kandal Province. He highly appreciated the efforts of Mr. Chan Sarin and colleagues to help children with disabilities to attend a national education policy. ...
Donate to HHC
Support to HHC Cambodia
The financial contributions of our supporters, friends, churches or organizations are essential to Hands of Hope Community. Our Supporters connect the World Community with HHC and beyond Asia Pacific to enable positive change for parents, children with intellectual disabilities/families and their communities.
Our supporters are a diverse group of individuals, churches, friends and organizations who believe that parents, children with intellectual disabilities should enjoy the same privileges and opportunities as normal people and know this brings wider benefits. Their actions make a difference to the lives of children with disabilities and their communities.
Take action for those marginalized and their communities by supporting Hands of Hope Community today.
Here are ways you can support us whether it is on a monthly basis or adopt one or two items cost:
Financial needed to support our monthly operation with Hands of Hope Community ,Cambodia

Daily Operation
Food                                                                     700$/monthly
Toy library                                                           50$/monthly
1 full time daycare staff                                   180$/monthly
1 full time special need teacher                     150$/monthly
Day Care Renting                                               330$/monthly
Medical care                                                      50$/monthly
Training materials                                             50$/monthly
Total monthly operation cost 1510$/monthly

Capital Start up Cost
1 car for children transportation      12,500$
1 laptop                                                700$
1 printer                                                200$
1 camera                                             200$
Set up daycare                                   1000$
General Donations You can also make
We also are open to receive any kind of general donations such as:
1. House used furniture
2. Second-handed clothes
3. House used materials
4. Chairs
5. Tables
6. Preschool materials, books, and equipments
7. And many other which can be used for the center operation...
News Update

Thanks to you, the youth students of Banteay Mean Chey Province donated the generous individuals, equipment and budget to support Dai Srolanh Project (Hands of Hope) to help children with intellectual disabilities and autism of HHC. ...

Vision: Hands of Hope is where hopes and love created and shared through the hands of the public 

Mission: Provide a venue where the public can use their donations to help children with disabilities, environment, and society

 Reuse public donations
 Create and increase the value of the donated items to benefit children with disabilities, environment, and society.

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