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On 3rd, April 2017, Greetings & Gifts ceremony of the ASEAN Women's Circle of Cambodia to students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism of HHC in Aknovat secondary school, Kandal province, has received strong support ...

On 23rd, February 2017, Presided over by H.E Dr. Mong Reththy, 3rd Chairperson of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia, visited the children with Intellectual Disability and Autism of HHC, and also with theirs parents at Takmao City, Kandal Province. ...

On 22nd, February 2017, Prosided over by H.E. Dr. Nath Bunroeun, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports visited the children with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism of HHC at Kandal Province. He highly appreciated the efforts of Mr. Chan Sarin and colleagues to help children with disabilities to attend a national education policy. ...
Volunteer Testimonies/contacts

The followings testimonies from HHC volunteers expression their personal testimonies

This was testimony of Mr. Damon from Australia

Mr. Damon
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This was testimony of
Ms. Elisa Antico from Paris

Ms. Lola I spent 4 weeks with HHC Cambodia in the Day Care of Love in march 2014. It was a very interesting and rewarding experience for me, for my work but mainly for myself. I met children full of life, very endearing and lovely, each with their own personality. And a highly motivated staff who believe in these children and in their potential. My greatest difficulty was to not speak Khmer, but all along my time with them I learned few words and I found other way of communicate than language. I keep only wonderful memories of this time spent in Cambodia. I miss them all so much and I wish the best for them.

This was testimony of
Ms. Elisa Antico from Paris
Ms. Elisa Antico

The meetings and the moments spent with the children of the Day Care were authentic and sincere. The Day Care is like a family, where children and staff have welcomed me very well. I would like to say thank you to children, who learnt me that to work together is possible, even without speaking the same language. And I wish sincerly for them to grown up and progress in goods conditions , and I hoping to meet them again one day.

This was testimony of
Ms. Rachel Weihs from Australia
Ms. Rachel
I have recently completed a 6 week volunteer placement at HHC and what an amazing experience it was! The centre looks after 15 or so children who have various physical and/or intellectual disabilities. I spent my time assisting the children in their lessons, playing games with them and teaching them basic English. The centre also has a community based project which supports children who can't afford to get to the centre. I would visit the children at home and spend some time playing with the children and delivering some much needed supplies. These visits were a particular highlight for me as they involved getting on the back of Mr. Puthy' s moto and heading off into the more rural areas surrounding Phnom Penh. All the staff and children at the centre were very welcoming and made me feel at home. The staff have excellent relationships with the children and it was great to watch the children grow and leant even in the short time I was there. It was an absolute privilege and pleasure to work with the staff and children at HHC and I hope I can visit again one day in the future to meet up with all my new friends. Rachel Bristol, UK
This was testimony of Ms. Madi from Australia
Ms. Madison De Silva Volunteering at HHC Cambodia was a life changing, eye opening experience that I will always cherish. Upon arrival, I was met by young children who despite their disabilities are happy and positive and staff who were patient and kind. We were welcomed to the day-care of love with open arms from day one. From playing games, teaching English and feeding the younger ones meals, I could tell our time was greatly appreciated and we were treated as part of the family. I feel I grew as a person and the more time I spent with the children, it was obvious they are just like every other child, and just need to be given time and a chance to be included, all of which HHC provides. The children were loving, excited to get to know new people and despite the communication barrier, we understood each other and formed special bonds. We were also able to go into the community and spend quality time with disadvantaged young people who couldn’t afford to attend day-care, so no child was left out. HHC is a compassionate, loving and caring organization who puts the needs of their children at the forefront. I urge you to donate, fundraise and volunteer with this charity as their work really does benefit the children and will inspire you. I have seen firsthand how our time improves quality of life for these beautiful children, and that is the greatest reward.

This was testimony of Ms. Miriam Wood from Australia
Ms. Miriam Wood

This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. All the children were so lovely and friendly and I am so glad I got the chance to get to know them all. Playing games and toys with them as well as teaching them English was so much fun. I believe these children have so much to offer and I wish them all the very best for their future. I was very sad to leave them behind but I will definitely be back to see them! Cambodia is a wonderful country and HHC Cambodia made the experience that much better! Thank you so much HHC and all the workers

This was testimony of Ms. Rachel G from Australia
Ms. Rachel G
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This was testimony of Ms. Veni from Canada
Mr. Veni

It’s hard to explain the feeling I had the first day I set foot at HHC.   After a long, hard year at university, Tom and I had both been anticipating this new experience, ready to embrace all the challenges that came with it. When the Cambodia Volunteer Foundation told us we’d been assigned to work with disabled children, I was, in all honesty, a little afraid and anxious… but, the moment we laid eyes on those kids, it’s like my heart just exploded. They came running to us, greeting us in a language we didn’t understand and looking up at us with such curiosity. That moment was the start of the most incredible month of my life. Despite being judge and stigmatized every single day, these children show no judgment towards anyone. They are the most open and loving people I’ve had the chance to know.   Everyday was different at HHC. Some days were harder than others, but all of them were, in the end, filled with laughter and friendship. No words can express how grateful I am and how much these kids taught me about acceptance, love and courage.   Thank you for embracing us with open arms. We miss and love you so, so much xx
This was testimony of Mr. Thomas from Canada
Mr. Thomas

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News Update

Thanks to you, the youth students of Banteay Mean Chey Province donated the generous individuals, equipment and budget to support Dai Srolanh Project (Hands of Hope) to help children with intellectual disabilities and autism of HHC. ...

Vision: Hands of Hope is where hopes and love created and shared through the hands of the public 

Mission: Provide a venue where the public can use their donations to help children with disabilities, environment, and society

 Reuse public donations
 Create and increase the value of the donated items to benefit children with disabilities, environment, and society.

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