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On 3rd, April 2017, Greetings & Gifts ceremony of the ASEAN Women's Circle of Cambodia to students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism of HHC in Aknovat secondary school, Kandal province, has received strong support ...

On 23rd, February 2017, Presided over by H.E Dr. Mong Reththy, 3rd Chairperson of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia, visited the children with Intellectual Disability and Autism of HHC, and also with theirs parents at Takmao City, Kandal Province. ...

On 22nd, February 2017, Prosided over by H.E. Dr. Nath Bunroeun, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports visited the children with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism of HHC at Kandal Province. He highly appreciated the efforts of Mr. Chan Sarin and colleagues to help children with disabilities to attend a national education policy. ...
Toy Library

HHC is member of Asian Toy Library

 I am much honored to be invited to attend the 4th Asian of the international conference of toy library in Japan, which has been organized by the Japanese National Council Toy Library and members.  This was an ideal occasion in which people involved in toy library activities in Asia congregate and exchange information, and to reestablish the importance of “play” and “connection with others” for the healthy development of children with and without disabilities. The conference also intends to promote sound growth of young people through toy library activities and to improve the competence of volunteers involved in toy libraries. The conference was held in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Japanese National Council of Toy Libraries. And I would like to take this an opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Yasuyo Koizumi, The Director of the Japanese National Council Toy Library and Director of the organizing Committee of the 4th Asian Toy Library Conference, Dr. Noriko Minejima, Ms. Youngsook Suh and Aina Khor for their great helping HHC to link with this important event, and it was great and very happy to see participants from different countries in Asia.

Why did HHC start a Toy Library?
One day we took children with disabilities around the communities. Suddenly, we found the house nearby, where there were local children playing with a lot of nice toys. One of our children, who was wheelchair bound stopped right away, and the rest of our children with disabilities looked at them again and again, then looked to us. At that moment, we understood how they were feeling, and we knew that they wanted to play with those toys. We returned to our center where we promised them that we will look for funds to set up a Toy Library for them. I believe that imagination and creativity should be instilled in children from a young age, because that's when they can adapt to things more easily.  


A toy library is a place where parents, grandparents and/or carers can go to borrow a variety of good quality toys, puzzles and games, designed to support children’s development and promote learning through play ( Play, Learn and Grow.. together). These toys, puzzles and games can be borrowed and enjoyed at home or in a group, especially in the families of children with and without disabilities in the community. We think that it is just like borrowing books from a library. Toy Libraries are where fun, creativity and play is valued and should be promoted around the communities in which they live. At a toy library you can borrow from a vast array of good quality toys that have been designed to support your child’s skill development and imagination. In our short experience of only 6 months, we think that Toy Libraries are also aiming to support families and encourage togetherness through quality time spent playing with children
Toy libraries have some fundamental characteristics. They are below
  • Provide quality educational items for children in local communities and their schools
  • Principally cater for pre-school children.
  • Have a range of items covering all stages of growth and focus on child development and creativity.
  • Provide an opportunity to meet other caregivers to share concerns, interact with others and make new friends.
  • Help parents and carers learn about the stages of child development in children of all ages.
Benefits of a toy library in Cambodia
Our network of toy libraries will seek to increase a parent’s understanding of the importance of playing for children, the different types of playing and stages of development in which these types of play are of particular importance for child development. In addition to this, Toy Libraries offer a network of support for families- Parents and carers can meet informally, forge friendships and discuss their problems and concerns. They can also be a great way to meet new like-minded people in the community if the family has just moved into a new area of child development

Getting a group of interested parents in the community

Any individual or group interested in the value of play for children can start a toy library. Some research into the need or desire for a toy library in your area will be required. One question to ask is “will the toy library be serving preschoolers, physically, intellectually and/or socially handicapped children or other groups? Getting together with a group of interested parents and others will probably be the first step to getting your toy library up and running.

Location in the neighborhood and Accessibility

Ideally, a toy library should be a bright, cheerful, welcoming place. Suitable premises that are easily accessible to users and will adequately house the toy collection will be required. Approach your local infant welfare centre, church, community centre, or local government community services department to find a possible location. Some of these groups may have unused space which you will be able to use, in some cases rent free, and in others for a nominal amount. Ideally, the toy library should be in a central location, close to public transport and/or with convenient car parking. Many members are likely to have prams, pushers or wheel chairs, so a street level location or ramp access will be required. Also, consider having a place to ‘park’ prams, pushers, etc.

Importance of PLAY
Play is how children learn, and ensuring that it is fun as well as educational is nature's way of ensuring children get lots of practice with playing, learning, and growing together. Even tiny babies play, practicing moving their hands or sucking their toes, which helps them to learn how to control their bodies and movements. We found that the games children play are directly linked to the needs of their growing bodies and minds. Children's play has been closely studied by child psychologists who have catalogued the pattern of development of skills and abilities from birth.
If play is a child's work then they must also have the tools for their trade. Toys are tools that help a child to enjoy play.    
News Update

Thanks to you, the youth students of Banteay Mean Chey Province donated the generous individuals, equipment and budget to support Dai Srolanh Project (Hands of Hope) to help children with intellectual disabilities and autism of HHC. ...

Vision: Hands of Hope is where hopes and love created and shared through the hands of the public 

Mission: Provide a venue where the public can use their donations to help children with disabilities, environment, and society

 Reuse public donations
 Create and increase the value of the donated items to benefit children with disabilities, environment, and society.

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